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Blake Flynn has been exhibiting as a full-time artist since leaving a career in aerospace engineering in 1999. Since that time he has had a number of solo and group exhibitions, been invited into a number of juried shows, won several awards, and has had his work featured in a number of periodicals. His work is included in numerous local, national and international private and corporate collections.


artist's statement

I paint within the genre of Magic Realism, where the depiction is realistic even though the subject matter is not, but without the dominant dream-based or subconscious component found in Surrealism. Like most artists I paint what interests me, which can lead to a broad array of subjects. As a result my works portray humans and other animals, myths and religions, social and cultural boundaries, even the occasional autobiographical allusion. The tone may range from serious to quirky, but I always try to engage the subjects from an atypical perspective that finds both beauty and absurdity.



All my original paintings are done with oil on rigid panels. I start by developing a detailed sketch, often in conjunction with small-scale value and color studies. After transferring the drawing to the panel, I apply the paint in thin layers with soft brushes, much like watercolor. I often start with a monochromatic underpainting and then add color with a series of translucent glazes. My attention to detail stems from my belief in its importance to quality design and reflects my deep respect for craftsmanship.


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